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Kangringboqe Peak (Kailash)
The Holiest Mountain in the World

With 6656 meters above sea level and located in the northern part of Burang County in the southwest of the Tibet Autonomous Region, the Kangrinboqe Summit, also called Kailash, is not only the second main summit and the second highest summit of the Gandise Mountains, but also the most famous sacred mountain in all of Asia. In Tibetan, Kangrinboqe means the mountain of the gods.

The mountain over 6000 meters is covered by snow all year round, which makes it look like a pyramid with a round white covering. With its imposing appearance, it towers above all other peaks around it. There are 28 modern glaciers stretching in this area, mainly cirque glacier and hanging glacier. There are more glaciers on the southern slope than on the northern slope.

Many great rivers originate from here: the Shiquanhe River (it is called Indus in the lower reaches), the Maquanhe River (the source of the Yarlung Tsangpo), the Xiangquanhe River (it is called Sutlej River in the lower reaches) and the Kongquehe River (it is called Ganges River in the lower reaches).

The Kangrinboqe Summit (Kailash) has been sacred mountain since prehistoric times and is worshiped as a sacred mountain in Tibetan Buddhism (Lamaism), Hinduism, Bon religion and Jainism till now. All these religions consider this mountain as the dwelling place for their gods and as the center of the world. It is also a very important pilgrimage place for these religions. Every year, there are countless pilgrims who come from India, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and Tibetan areas Kham-Amdo of other Chinese provinces Sichuan, Qinghai, Gansu and Yunnan. The kora around the mountain is 53 kilometers, with eight monasteries on the pilgrimage route.

In the horse year of the Tibetan calendar, there are more pilgrims than in other years. It is believed that only once kora around the mountain in the horse year of the Tibetan calendar is equal to 13 times kora during the common year, because all gods will gather here in the horse year of the Tibetan calendar.

Kangrinboqe Summit (Kailash) is also one of the most ideal destinations for domestic and foreign hikers and adventurers.

The Indians call this mountain Mt. Kailash where Shiva lives here who is the most powerful and the greater status of the three main gods in Hinduism. The upper reaches of the Indus and the Ganges River in India originate from here, so a large number of Indian pilgrims can be seen at Mount Kangrinboqe.

Kangrinboqe (Kailash) has been a fascinating place for pilgrims and explorers for centuries, but nobody was able to climb the top of this sacred mountain or nobody dared to insult the center of this world.

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